Dinosaurs In Motion At The Ontario Science Centre

Photos courtesy of the Ontario Science Centre

Get ready to view dinosaurs in an entirely different way at the Ontario Science Centre when it re-opens ― with Dinosaurs in Motion as one of its upcoming exhibitions.

Using gears and levers, visitors will take control of life-size, massive metal skeletons, including a 44-foot-long T-Rex. Inside each steel sculpture, visitors can watch the mechanical parts at work as the dinosaurs move, demonstrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) principles in action.

With the ability to manipulate dinosaurs with lever and pulley systems, as well as with remote controls, visitors can interact with dinosaurs on a scale that is unprecedented in a museum setting. Guests will also be able to create their own art and science projects with hands-on activities at Innovation Stations.

Dinosaurs in Motion weaves science, art, and innovation themes throughout and touches on each of these educational topics at each sculpture.

  • Art: Sketching/drawing/Sculpting
  • Science: Kinetics/biomechanics/Robotics
  • Innovation: Observing/Experimenting

Dinosaurs in Motion is the most interactive dinosaur exhibit to ever come to Toronto. 

The Ontario Science Centre which has been closed since the onset of COVID-19 back in March 2020, has been working hard to welcome visitors back through its doors. They have been modifying exhibits and reconfiguring halls, so it's taken a bit longer but they hope to open soon. Here's what you can expect upon its reopening. For the time being, the Science Centre is inviting you to take a virtual tour of the new Dinosaurs In Motion exhibition.

Find out more at ontariosciencecentre.ca/what-s-on/exhibitions/dinosaurs-in-motion.

In this unique, new exhibition, dinosaurs are the medium for educating and exciting multi-generational families on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) concepts. Dinosaurs in Motion educates the visitor by using 14 magnificent, fully interactive, recycled metal dinosaur sculptures with exposed mechanics inspired by actual fossils. The exhibition theme captivates the visitor by drawing them into the powerful "brand" of dinosaurs, while creating a unique opportunity to teach and interact with the basic principles of STEAM. A truly interactive, engaging and fun STEAM exhibition for all ages!

Dinosaurs In Motion At The Ontario Science Centre
Dinosaurs In Motion At The Ontario Science Centre
Dinosaurs In Motion At The Ontario Science Centre

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