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Union Station is bringing some much needed spirit to the season. For the first time ever, the country’s busiest transportation hub has unveiled an outdoor winter wonderland landscape in the heart of downtown Toronto. We had the opportunity to take in some of the magic of this holiday display.

Inspired by man-made ice castles, the plaza is home to a luminous and immersive outdoor glacier wall installation, paying homage to our northern climate. This festive scene transports commuters and onlookers to another world allowing them to experience new textures and landscapes, from larger-scale cliffs that simulate the edge of ice floes and icebergs, to an exquisite feature piece of a frozen waterfall.

The installation is accompanied by immersive sound and light shows that reflect the Aurora Borealis. Shows take place intermittently both during the day and in the evening. At the centre is a beautiful illuminated sustainably-sourced tree ― the largest ever displayed by Union Station.

Safe social distancing protocols are in place with distancing markers throughout the installation. The display is open daily and in the evenings, until January 3rd.

You're also invited to share your moments of the season using #TDUnionHoliday and tagging @torontounion. For every social post that uses #TDUnionHoliday, Union and TD will be donating one dollar up to a maximum of $10,000.00 to the United Way Greater Toronto.

More at https://torontounion.ca/tdunionholiday.

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