How To View The Cherry Blossoms At High Park In 2021

There nothing more delightful than viewing the beautiful cherry blossoms flowering at High Park, to welcome Spring! Each year, thousands of people flock to Toronto's most popular park, where blooming flowers are carefully watched, enjoyed, photographed, and celebrated.

This year however, as a part of the City’s COVID-19 response, there will be no in-person viewing of the blooms, and cherry blossom trees will be enclosed with fencing during the peak bloom period. While High Park will remain open to local pedestrians and cyclists, vehicles will not be permitted during the bloom period. City staff and bylaw officers are expected to monitor the park’s closed location and enforce the rules.

To make sure that everyone can safely enjoy the blooms from home, the City is offering #BloomAtHome, a 24-hour 4K BloomCam livestream during the peak bloom period.

In addition, virtual tours from 2020 ― through the blossoming trees along Cherry Lane, are also posted. Watch Indigenous Knowledge Keeper André Morriseau recognize the traditional territories of the Indigenous Peoples through a Land Acknowledgement. Experts from Parks, Forestry and Recreation and High Park Nature Centre will guide you through the nature and history of Toronto’s cherry blossom trees.

The cherry blossoms were likely going to bloom next week, thanks to the higher-than-average temperatures we’ve experienced recently, however the return of the cold has now slowed the bloom down. You can visit for updates and to track their progress.

For more information and to view virtually, go to

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